Leave the loneliness behind you!

Leave the loneliness behind you!

The feeling of loneliness is probably not unfamiliar to people, as you may want to have a good conversation with anyone, at any time, but you just don’t have anyone.

There may be a myriad of reasons for this, maybe our friends are just busy, but we might also want to meet new people.

Of course, online dating is not a novelty, as it is roughly the same age as the spread of the Internet and has many benefits. Among other things, it is ideal for people who work a lot, are busy, have little free time, or for those who have a withdrawn, more shy personality, but are able to give themselves more easily online. In addition, online conversations are not hampered by geographical distances, and there is a much larger potential group of people we can get to know.

However, the main function of most familiar interfaces is dating. However, we wanted to create an app where people who feel lonely can meet and chat with others, not necessarily for a romantic purpose.

Daily Therapy is a completely free chat application that allows you to easily meet countless people who also feel lonely and lost.

You don’t have to be a technical genius to use the app, as we put a lot of emphasis on ease of use and a clean, simple design when designing it. It also only takes a few minutes to create your profile, and once you’ve decided who you want to chat with, you can get started.